Open Data in the Governance of South African Higher Education

OpenUCT is undertaking a research project to study the value of open data in higher education in South Africa. The investigation will include a situational analysis of the use of open data in the South African higher education and research context. The research site is The Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET)'s online, open data platform providing institutional-level data on South African higher education. Using CHET as a case study, the project will study the role of this emerging open data initiative for university planners as well as higher education studies researchers; the degree of uptake among selected South African universities; the limitations of the open data initiative in its current form; and some of the unintended consequences of opening access to the underlying dataset. The findings will contribute to a meta-level study on open data which is being undertaken in sites across various developing country sites.

For more about this OpenUCT activity, as well as updates, see the project page on the Open Data Research Network site.