ACDI Pilot Project: Content Curation

The content curation pilot of the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI) academics’ work began in 2012.  For each academic from this network that agreed to participate, this pilot project included an assessment of their research outputs for suitability for uploading onto an openly accessible platform, such as the proposed UCT OpenContent site 2.0 that will be able to include scholarly resources (currently, UCT OpenContent only includes teaching and learning resources).  The assessment process for the outputs involves many steps, including: listing each academic’s publication output, adding the required metadata, checking the copyright and publisher archiving policies, as well as obtaining shareable versions of the output, where possible, and creating post-prints of the outputs, where necessary.  This work is currently on-going.

Also as a part of the content curation work, the ACDI academics were offered an assessment of their overall online presence.  With its aim to share as many of UCT’s resources as possible and to engage with the academics, OpenUCT set out to assess and report back on the current online presence of several UCT academics from the ACDI pilot group.  For the academics that agreed to participate in this, searches for their online profiles and content were conducted.  The results were compiled into an online presence report and discussed with each academic with the aim of assisting them to improve their digital presence and the availability of their work online.