Blog post by Laura Czerniewicz
19 August 2014

At the launch of the OpenUCT repository recently I thanked 70 people by name. It’s a dangerous thing to do because one might leave out some one (and to my shame one name was written down on the sheet I held, but not said aloud when I got distracted for a moment).  It took a long time, but I had decided it was important to acknowledge every person who had helped, and that is aside from the ones I don’t know by name.

What has stayed with me is how every single one of these 70 people genuinely played a part – I was not just “ being nice” . This is what it takes to get to the point of launching a good-looking functional repository containing some good varied content to start with. This is what it takes!

Even so, there are still bugs, and teething problems, and the team are getting great feedback, and...